Friday, November 03, 2006

John Kerry's Joke

Honestly, after John Kerry's joke a couple of days ago, I have to say with all due respect as a member of the Democratic party who I was really sad, depressed and disappointed when he lost to George W. Bush in the 2004 election and who is likely the worst president in US history (See Rolling Stone Magazine article) I honestly have to admit he deserved to lose.

Who in his right mind, with just a few days before the real possibility of the Democrats taking back some sort of control of Congress would make this kind of insane joke that might offend some of your true supporters??? He definitely needs to develop some common sense. If this "joke" in some way affects the outcome and hurts the democrats taking back seats either in the House or Senate, my best advice to Howard Dean as chairman of the DNC would be to shut up John Kerry and suggest he pursues other interests instead of continuing in public office, where he is definitely not helping anybody anymore. Kerry accept it you lost to a dumb because you didn't have a brain to outsmart the idiot.

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inti said...

wow! Carlos goes fully aggresive!

Actually, what I think is that Kerry should NOT have take back what he said, and claim that this is what everybody is thinking. Who is getting insulted by that silly sentence (joke is a compliment, I think) ? Give me a break! Lots of people are being kill daily due to wrong policy, wrong ideology and wrong aspirations of the Bush administration. And you get upset because Kerry lacks charisma? Or because he said something politically incorrect?

What Kerry, and a a bunch of northamericans should do, is get a grip on reality. This is not about dumb jokes and hypersensitive people, this is about thousands of soldiers and civilians being killed.