Saturday, September 15, 2012

Apple iOS 5.1.1 screens limits in iPhone 4

Spent 45 minutes on the phone with Apple Support to learn that iOS 5.1.1 has a limitation of 11 screens as application containers in the iPhone 4.

I usually go to Settings -> General -> Reset --> Reset Home Screen Layout so all my applications are ordered alphabetically. I don't like app folders.

Noticed that the Comcast Email app "XfinityConnect" was no longer in the last screen but I am able to find it using the Spotlight search when you press twice the home button, and I am able to use it without any problem.

Also noticed when I have the iPhone 4 connected to iTunes 10 on my MacBook Pro there are only 11 numbered thumbnail screens showing my apps organized as I have them in my phone with a black background and there is a 12th screen showing all the apps I have in my phone that are not displayed (Xfinity Connect, Xfinity TV, Y! Messenger and YouTube) with a grey background.

A bit frustrating calling Apple Support, the first advisor wanted me to contact Comcast because they developed the apps. I requested to speak to somebody else and I got a "Senior" advisor who as one of the last steps wanted me to remove all my applications losing all the customization. I refused to do it stating that I'd lose all my customizations for all my 100+ apps. After she took 5-10 minutes to research the issue, she finally acknowledged my iPhone 4 was behaving the way it is supposed to. She didn't accept the fact this was a "bug", this is "normal" behavior.

Isn't Apple support wonderful?

A bit frustrating ... I should have used Google first. Google is your best friend!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Microsoft and Cloud Computing

Interesting article. Not surprised about Microsoft's concerns since this gives a lower TCO to many businesses and affects Microsoft's financial bottom line.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

James Gosling's So Long to Sun.

I was pretty moved and I got some tears in my eyes reading today's posting in his blog.

Sun and Oracle ... finally

With the highly anticipated Oracle acquisition of Sun Microsystems without any more roadblocks ahead, I am really excited to see what Larry Ellison and Scott McNealy will unveil January 27th as the unified vision and roadmap of both companies as one.
The future of MySQL seems to be what concerned the most to the EU. I wonder what will happen to GlassFish, since Oracle has had their own J2EE Application Server and also WebLogic since they acquired BEA.
I am hoping Oracle leaves Java alone with the same model it has had under the JCP.
Definitely it's going to be exciting what happens in the days ahead with the Sun setting ...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

https and GMail

In light of what's been reported this week in the news about Chinese GMail accounts being hacked, please make sure if you are a GMail user that you are always using https (secure http protocol with encryption) is always enabled.